organisational coaching

I work with organisations who understand that professional development requires supporting leaders and employees with personal development too.

Because maximising a leader’s effectiveness as an inspiring visionary, thought leader and game changer demands personal mastery - deeply knowing themselves, leveraging their strengths, and adopting the optimal mindset and behaviours for success.

And with technology changing the way we work and creating more demands and distractions than ever before, it's not easy to stay focussed and productive, and deliver sustained high performance.

I do my best work with leaders who want to develop a more authentic and intentional way of leading and living.

I act as a thought partner and offer a confidential, safe place where they can regularly take time out to focus, strategically reflect on your key issues and develop actionable solutions.

I help them dive deep, make real change and get tangible results. 

This has positive impact on them, their teams and everyone they interact with inside and outside your organisation.


Typical clients

I frequently provide coaching to:

  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders
  • Emerging managers (stepping up to a leadership role, or recently promoted)
  • Professional women at all levels


Common coaching topics (examples)

  • 360 feedback debrief
  • Purpose and vision
  • Career planning
  • Authentic leadership style
  • Delegating, coaching and managing teams
  • Building trust in relationships; managing upwards
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Effective communication at work
  • Focus and productivity
  • Identifying and leveraging strengths
  • Decision-making and problem solving
  • Work-life balance or integration
  • Energy and stress management
  • Resilience and confidence
  • Mindfulness
  • Moving past perfectionism
  • Women's leadership

Coaching approach and style

My coaching approach blends the head and the heart; knowledge and intuition; reflection and action. 

I draw on research-based findings in strengths, positive psychology and neuroscience to share practical strategies with my clients.

Clients often say how much they appreciate the fact I understand the corporate world. I come from a data-driven, analytical, problem solving and results-focussed business background. I spent over a decade at a top tier management consulting firm working on strategy and performance improvement projects in Australia, Asia, UK and USA. I’ve advised senior executives and business leaders on their most critical business problems and facilitated change in complex organisations.

I’ve also held a leadership role with responsibility for the professional development of high achievers, helping them accelerate their careers and flourish in a high performing organisation. 

As the leader of a women's leadership development program, I defined an organisational strategy to enable professional women to thrive in a traditionally masculine industry, and designed and facilitated events to inspire and educate women.

All of this I integrate and draw from depending on the unique needs and objectives of your organisation and the individuals who are seeking coaching.


Coaching engagement structure

  • Regular sessions every 2-4 weeks
  • Conducted by phone, Skype, or in person in Melbourne
  • Typical engagements are 4-6 months. Customised engagements are available


What others are saying

Jade has been a massive help over the past few months.

Jade’s way of coaching is very empowering; she asks the right questions at the right level of detail as a guide in order for me to come up with the answer myself.

She also provides some very practical advice to improve existing relationships and/or ways of working.

In the past few months Jade has helped me to stay close to myself and focus on what I can do to improve rather than looking at other people, which has really helped me.
— Eline Stolwijk

Working with Jade over the past few months has given me a new perspective on how to approach issues at work and provided me with more confidence to speak up and negotiate what I want (by first identifying what it is that I actually do want).

Coming from a professional corporate background with many years of experience, Jade knows very well the ins and outs of corporate life. It makes talking about the corporate jungle gym very easy.

Thanks for the [workshop] a couple of weeks ago. I think sessions like those are so important but really make a lot of us uncomfortable. It’s a way of being vulnerable that we are not comfortable with or used to.

Your session has inspired me to do a few things differently already and I wanted to thank you for that. Specifically for embracing some of my fears and deciding to talk about them to my manager. Not something I would have considered doing before your talk so thank you!
— Nikki Skovran

Jade is centred, thoughtful, and wise.

She always brought an inimitable mix of thoughtfulness at the individual level together with commerciality to drive successful business outcomes.

Her passion to develop people was a constant: she was actively sought out by many within [our organisation] to provide professional advice well beyond her official role.
— Ray Hass, Principal, Bain & Company

Jade is creative and proactive and an excellent thought leader. While leading the Women at Bain program Jade developed and facilitated two great off-sites – one all day workshop on the topic “Thriving” and a second afternoon training session on “Core Desired Feelings”. Both these events were stand out successes with employees still commenting on them and using the insights from the days a year on.
— Nicole Kuepper-Russell, Consultant, Bain & Company

You can view more perspectives from others here.



My professional qualifications include:

  • Accredited organisational coach (Level Three) with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, who are recognised as the leading provider of coaching and leadership development in the Asia Pacific region
  • Over 10 years’ experience with a top tier management consulting firm in various consulting and people development roles:
    • Management Consultant (starting as a Associate Consultant before becoming a Principal after several promotions)
    • Head of Professional Development and Staffing for all consulting staff in Australia
    • Program Manager for the women’s leadership development program in Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law (Hons) and Bachelor of Information Systems from The University of Melbourne

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