Can you remember back when you were excited about life?

The future brimming with possibility.


somewhere along the way, you’ve become tired and uninspired.

Caught up in the 'daily grind'. A little dissatisfied, often exhausted, sometimes overwhelmed and occasionally resentful by how 'busy' your life is, with a never-ending to-do list, an overflowing inbox, and so many demands, commitments and obligations to fulfil.

You can’t see much changing in the near future, and you’re not sure you like where you’re heading.

Over time, you’ve realised the life you’re living doesn’t quite fit anymore. You've lost sight of your true self. 

This is not the life your younger self dreamed of living.

This is not a life that inspires you.

You feel stuck, and you’re not sure how to even start getting unstuck.


Here’s the good news: you don’t have to do this alone.

I’m Jade Tjia. I’ve been on my own personal journey to choose a life that lights me up.

Now, I’m here to be your catalyst for change and the cheerleader on your journey. I’m ready to encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable for following through. 

Because you and I both know that having knowledge and information from books and blogs and magazine articles isn't enough (...otherwise we’d all be wildly wealthy and glowing with radiant health and happiness by now!). 

We also know that good intentions are...well, good, but not the same as action


The Life Realignment program can help you create a life you love

Through the Life Realignment program, I’ll give you the personal attention and support to make real change and design a life that delights you. Together we’ll take steps to help you with:

1. Awareness (of who you are, and what you want)

  • Assess your satisfaction and wellbeing across the different areas of your life
  • Tune into the messages from your head, heart and gut
  • Reconnect with your passions, dreams and desires
  • Identify the fears and doubts that hold you back

2. Alignment (to your true self)

  • Determine the gap between your identified values and desires, and your current life
  • Identify the steps to close the gap
  • Let go of outdated or unhelpful stories and replace them with empowering, supportive beliefs

3. Action (towards you a life you love)

  • Engage in activities that make you feel inspired and energised about life again
  • Develop habits and routines that will keep moving you towards the life you want
  • Build support structures and accountability to keep you on your right path


You’ll come out feeling lighter, clearer and calmer.

More peaceful and more purposeful. You'll know what really matters to you, and you'll invest your time and energy there.

You’ll have more space, more control, more time for your family and friends and the things that are most important to you.

You'll have more energy. (People will notice: “you look more fresh”...“glowing”...“more radiant”!)

You’ll feel more joy, more gratitude, more courage.

You'll be able to live life more fully, being present in the moment.

You’ll make better decisions because you’ll know what you want, and where your priorities and boundaries are.

You will feel more like you. More alive. More free.

And you will amaze yourself.


How we’ll work together

Your private, one-on-one 90 day program includes:

  1. A detailed questionnaire before we start, to get clear on your objectives and to enable us to make the most of our time together
  2. 90 minute foundational deep dive session to understand the real issues, and clarify where you’d like to focus during your program
  3. Five 60 minute coaching sessions to explore specific topics and keep you moving forward
  4. A personalised series of exercises and resources throughout your program
  5. Loads of encouragement and support to help you navigate any challenges during your transformation


Your coaching will be tailored to you, your situation and your vision, drawing on proven concepts, tools and strategies.

I coach clients worldwide. Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, Skype, or in person in Melbourne.


What others are saying

Thank you so very much for our meeting last Thursday. I started the day so stressed and heavy, and I left our session feeling hopeful and much more self compassionate.

You are literally my guardian angel who has made a tough year much easier.

I am so confident that your coaching will bring such value to women everywhere.
— Abigail Acance

Jade has gotten me to question parts of my ‘life plan’ that I took for granted; both finding the heart of my motivation to better align my goals, and simultaneously pushing me to think bigger. What do I really want, and what’s stopping me from doing it now? As a result I have pivoted some of my plans, and taken concrete steps towards its realisation.

Additionally, our work on embedding self-reflection routines that work for me has resulted in a sustained improvement in my daily wellbeing.
— Arnina Moore

Who is this program for?

Life Realignment coaching is for people who:

  • Want to live a whole-hearted life with intention and meaning
  • Are ready to stop settling or tolerating being just fine or, even worse, perpetually stressed and exhausted
  • Understand that investing in their own wellbeing and nourishing themselves is not an ‘indulgent luxury’, but a necessity for them to show up as the best version of themselves, or the person they most want to be - for themselves and for their loved ones



Life Realignment coaching is not a good fit if:

  • You're not interested in understanding yourself better
  • You’re unhappy with your situation, but not willing to try something different to change the outcome
  • You're not ready to 'walk your talk' and align the way you spend your time, energy and resources with your values



Will this be your turning point?

What is it costing you to stay stuck or not do something about your situation?

The stress, the overwhelm, the exhaustion. The impact on your health, your family and your loved ones.

If you’re done with suffering and ready to love your life, the first step is to contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session to see if we’re a great fit for each other. 


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