You’re a business leader (Or aspiring leader) with a track record of success and achievement.

Despite the outward success, you know you’re capable of more.

Perhaps you've recently been promoted into a bigger role and are facing new challenges you haven't encountered before.

Or maybe you want to perform at a higher level in your current role, or advance to your next role in your organisation.

Whatever the situation, you’re ready to increase your impact and influence and make more positive change in the world.

And you also understand that to be at your best, you need to ensure you are investing in and protecting your health and wellbeing.

You don’t need help, but you value support, accountability and the power of a different perspective.

I work with leaders like you to take bigger, bolder action and achieve even greater professional success and personal fulfilment.


How coaching can help you

Coaching offers a confidential, non-judgemental, safe place where you can regularly take time out to focus, strategically reflect on your key issues and develop actionable solutions.

It provides you with a thought partner and sounding board outside the politics of your organisation.

Your coaching program is private and confidential, and tailored to your individual needs and objectives.

Potential outcomes we can achieve together include:

  • Develop your personal definition of success and an inspiring vision
  • Identify your unique strengths and authentic leadership style
  • Reduce stress and increase your energy and resilience so you feel like you’re thriving
  • Learn how to frame problems and ask better questions that lead to better answers
  • Prioritise and manage your time and focus
  • Improve relationships and manage conflict with your stakeholders and team
  • Increase effectiveness of delegation and team management
  • Handle new challenges or times of change, such as a new role or major step up in leadership responsibilities


Who is this for?

My clients include:

  • mid to senior level managers
  • emerging leaders (stepping up to a leadership role, or recently promoted)
  • motivated individuals wanting to accelerate their career and advance into leadership
  • professional women at all levels


How the program is structured

Coaching sessions are typically 60 mins and held regularly (fortnightly to monthly).

I work with clients for a minimum of three months so we can dive deep and get real, lasting results.

Sessions can be over the phone, Skype or in person in Melbourne.


you will benefit from evidence-based tools and strategies as well as my corporate experience

Clients have described me as warm, empathetic, calm and collaborative. 

My coaching approach blends the head and the heart; knowledge and intuition; reflection and action.

In addition to my coaching qualifications, I draw on the depth and breadth of my corporate background. I spent over a decade at a top tier management consulting firm working on strategy and performance improvement projects in Australia, Asia, UK and USA. I’ve advised senior executives and business leaders on their most critical business problems and facilitated change in complex organisations.

I’ve also held a leadership role with responsibility for the professional development of high achievers, helping them accelerate their careers and flourish in a high performing organisation. 

As the leader of a women's leadership development program, I defined an organisational strategy to enable professional women to thrive in a traditionally masculine industry, and designed and facilitated events to inspire and educate women.

I combine learnings from the above formal roles, with my own reading and continual learning, perspectives from my own path as a female leader, and my ongoing journey in personal growth.

This enables me to give you access to practical, proven strategies as well as tools and techniques based on research findings in strengths, positive psychology and neuroscience.


What others are saying

Jade has been a massive help over the past few months. She has helped me bring focus back to my values and feelings rather than leaning on other people’s expectations and/or opinions.

Jade’s way of coaching is very empowering; she asks the right questions at the right level of detail as a guide in order for me to come up with the answer myself. She also provides some very practical advice to improve existing relationships and/or ways of working. In the past few months Jade has helped me to stay close to myself and focus on what I can do to improve rather than looking at other people, which has really helped me.
— Eline Stolwijk

My career has been so far so good, but I wondered how to make it better than ‘just good’?

Working with Jade over the past few months has given me a new perspective on how to approach issues at work and provided me with more confidence to speak up and negotiate what I want (by first identifying what it is that I actually do want).

Coming from a professional corporate background with many years of experience, Jade knows very well the ins and outs of corporate life. It makes talking about the corporate jungle gym very easy.
— Kathy G.


To discuss your specific needs and explore how coaching can accelerate your career and amplify your success, send me a message using the form below or email me directly (details are on the Contact page).

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