What others are saying about Jade

I never found the right fit with a coach until I met Jade. Not only is Jade a fantastic coach who listens to you and challenges you, the incredible professional success she has achieved to-date ensures she truly understands the experiences you are going through. It is “self-discovery” coaching injected with on-point advice.

Jade has gotten me to question parts of my “life plan” that I took for granted; both finding the heart of my motivation to better align my goals, and simultaneously pushing me to think bigger. What do I really want, and what’s stopping me from doing it now? As a result I have pivoted some of my plans, and taken concrete steps towards their realisation.

Additionally, our work on embedding self-reflection routines that work for me has resulted in a sustained improvement in my daily wellbeing.
— Arnina Moore

I had never worked with a career coach before and I wasn’t sure how to put into words exactly what were the issues I was facing with my career. My career has been so far so good, but what should I do next and how to make it better than ‘just good’? I was worried this was going to be a complete waste of time for me and for Jade.

I have really enjoyed working with Jade over the past few months. It has given me a new perspective on how to approach issues at work and provided me with more confidence to speak up and negotiate what I want (by first identifying what it is that I actually do want).

Jade is very patient in listening before offering advice or a different perspective. Coming from a professional corporate background with many years of experience, Jade knows very well the ins and outs of corporate life. It makes talking about the corporate jungle gym very easy.
— Kathy G.

Thanks for the [workshop] a couple weeks ago. I think sessions like those are so important but really make a lot of us uncomfortable. It’s a way of being vulnerable that we are not comfortable with or used to.

Your session has inspired me to do a few things differently already and I wanted to thank you for that. Specifically for embracing some of my fears and deciding to talk about them to my manager. Not something I would have considered doing before your talk so thank you!
— Nikki Skovran

Jade is centred, thoughtful, and wise.

Her passion to develop people was a constant: she was actively sought out by many within [our organisation] to provide professional advice well beyond her official role.
— Ray Hass

Thank you so very much for our meeting last Thursday. I started the day so stressed and heavy, and I left our session feeling hopeful and much more self compassionate.

You are literally my guardian angel who has made a tough year much easier, and far more hopeful.

I am so confident that your coaching will bring such value to women everywhere.
— Abigail Acance

Jade is warm, kind and brilliant. She is the most inclusive leader I have ever come across. She values others’ opinions and knows how to make sure that everyone on the team is heard and feels valued.

She is an exceptional listener and observer, and thanks to this gives very thoughtful, caring advice and coaching to her team members and mentees.
— Nicole Kuepper-Russell

Before I started working with Jade I wasn’t quite sure what the focus of the coaching sessions would be, as I’m relatively happy in my current job as a technical professional working for a multinational company.

Initial thoughts were that I could probably use some help to structure my thoughts around longer term career planning and what to do next.

Jade has done a lot more than that, she has been a massive help over the past few months. She has helped me bring focus back on my values and feelings rather than leaning on other people’s expectations and/or opinions.

Jade’s way of coaching is very empowering; she asks the right questions at the right level of detail as a guide in order for me to come up with the answer myself. She also provides some very practical advice to improve existing relationships and/or ways of working. In the past few months Jade has helped me to stay close to myself and focus on what I can do to improve rather than looking at other people, which has really helped me.
— Eline Stolwijk

Jade is the most amazing listener and has a powerful but non-intrusive way of getting people comfortable talking. She knows how to ask the right questions and guide you through your own maze. All of this and her personal journey and experience will – I’m sure - make her an amazing coach for those lucky enough to find her!
— Chio Verastegui