Does this sound familiar?

You’re a high achiever: smart, talented, motivated. You have a successful career - leading teams, delivering high quality work, and making a difference to your clients.

You’ve worked so hard, dedicated long hours and made personal sacrifices over the last decade to get to where you are now.

You have a great job, and the money makes life comfortable too.

But deep down, you feel like something is not quite right, something is missing.

You’re good at what you do, but you know you’re capable of more, and you’re not reaching your potential. You’d love to feel more meaning and fulfilment and passion in your job.

Maybe you love 'what' you do, but not 'how' you do it.

You don’t bring your whole self to work and you’re tired of feeling like you need to 'fit in' to be successful. Tired of striving and pushing, and putting in so much effort just to keep it all together. You want to play bigger and bolder, but you wish you could find a way to achieve professional success and still feel authentic in how you show up at work.

Or maybe you've reached a plateau or a big decision point, and you’re unsure exactly what you want next from your career.

Success unlocks options and opportunities, and sometimes it can be hard to know the 'right' next step for you.

Even if you’re desperate for a change in your career, it's not unusual to know what you don't want, but have 'no clue' what you do want.

You’re afraid of making the wrong move, afraid of what other people might think, afraid of looking like a failure, afraid of losing the prestigious job title and afraid of giving up the good income that you worked so hard to earn. Paralysed by your fear, you stay stuck in indecision, doubt and uncertainty.

Or perhaps you already know what you want, but you’re not sure how to get there.

Maybe you have an inkling of what you really do want, but you're afraid to admit it to yourself or allow yourself to consider it as a serious option.

Or maybe you’ve done a bit of research online, read a few articles, even talked to a few people to get some advice.

But ‘it’s not the right time’, ‘you’re not ready’, your day job keeps you busy, and on a good day, you tell yourself maybe this job is 'fine'.

Making a change feels overwhelming, and sometimes you're not even sure what the next step would be anyway, so you struggle to take action to make your dream a reality.

And if you’re really honest, part of you doesn’t fully believe that what you want is possible for you. You tell yourself it's something that happens for other people, but maybe it's not meant for you. So your dream stays an ‘impossible’ dream.



You’ve tried to figure this out on your own, but you’re a bit stuck.

You wish you didn’t feel so lost and confused.

You’re tired of feeling this way, and you're ready to take a step forward. To move from wishing and wanting and thinking…to actually doing something about it.


What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Imagine a career where you wake up on Monday morning looking forward to going to work.

You don’t have that sinking feeling in your stomach on Sunday evenings. You’re not dragging yourself through the week, just hanging on for the weekend.

Whether you're an employee or an entrepreneur, you spend your days doing work that inspires and energises you, and aligns with your values. You’re free to be you, and you use your natural talents and strengths at work every day.

You come home feeling fulfilled and, outside of work, have enough energy to have fun and be the person you want to be with your family and friends.

When you meet people and they ask what you do, you’re delighted rather than embarrassed or apologetic to talk about your work. After all, it's a genuine reflection of your values and what matters to you. You feel lucky to get paid to do something you enjoy while making a positive difference in the world. You love living on purpose rather than drifting along, being carried in the direction someone else (your employer, your parents, society...) has set for you.


Are you open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think?

Hi, I’m Jade Tjia.

I’m a coach and strategist who helps high achievers experience greater success and fulfilment in their careers and lives.

Before I became an accredited coach, I had a 10 year career in management consulting, people development and women’s leadership development. I know what it’s like to feel stuck or unclear on your career direction, and I’ve been through my own career change. Now I’d love to help you with yours.


Introducing: Career Clarity

Through the Career Clarity coaching program, I'll work with you one-on-one to help you get unstuck and move forward:

1. Clarity

Dig deep to get to know the real you and what you want:

  • Identify what matters most to you

  • Articulate and own the value you bring with your unique talents and strengths
  • Develop a personal definition of success
  • Clarify your career direction and purpose

2. Confidence

Adopt the mindset and behaviours for success:

  • Learn tools and strategies to overcome the fears, doubts and stories that are holding you back
  • Build your resilience and confidence
  • Increase your energy and decrease stress about your current role

3. Courageous action

Take bigger, bolder action:

  • Determine your desired next step - whether it's staying in your organisation but experiencing more success and fulfillment, finding a new job or career, or starting your own business
  • Take small steps or experiments to investigate and test your next step, reducing the risk in making any big moves
  • Create opportunities and cultivate advocates for yourself
  • Strategically use the valuable experience, expertise, reputation and connections you've built up over years - even if you plan to change careers entirely


It’ll take some work, open-mindedness and willingness to stretch yourself - but yes, a meaningful, rewarding career is possible for you.

This doesn't have to be about a sudden big leap to your next role (though it can be if that's your style!). Instead, you can build a solid bridge to help you transition over time with confidence and without necessarily giving up your financial security.


How we’ll work together

Your private, customised 90 day program includes:

  1. A detailed questionnaire before we start, to get clear on your objectives and enable us to make the most of our time together
  2. Online strengths assessment to help you identify your natural talents
  3. 90 minute foundational deep dive session so we can spend time tackling the big questions up front
  4. Five 60 minute coaching sessions (typically every 2 weeks, with some flexibility to suit your schedule)
  5. A personalised series of exercises and resources throughout the program to help you dive deeper
  6. Loads of encouragement and support to help you follow through and fulfil the commitments you make to yourself


Your coaching will be tailored to you, your situation and your vision, drawing on proven concepts, tools and strategies. I use my training, experience and intuition to serve you.

I work with clients around the world. Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, Skype, or in person in Melbourne.


What others are saying

Not only is Jade a fantastic coach who listens to you and challenges you, the incredible professional success she has achieved to-date ensures she truly understands the experiences you are going through. It is “self-discovery” coaching injected with on-point advice.
— Arnina Moore

I have some fabulous news - I got the [United Nations internship] position in The Hague! I can’t believe it. Thank you for your help. I would never have considered applying to The Hague until we had our conversation. I didn’t think it was possible. And now…it’s happening!
— Abigail Acance

Who is this program for?

Career Clarity is for people who:

  • Want a career that aligns with their values, and desire to live and lead in an intentional, authentic way
  • Take personal responsibility for their journey, and are ready - really ready - to do something about their dissatisfaction, and leave their excuses and old stories behind
  • Are willing to try new things, knowing that changes may be required to experience greater success and fulfillment
  • Value the additional support and accountability they receive from a coach
  • Believe that they are their most important asset and investing in themselves will return exponentially. (As Warren Buffet said, “Anything you invest in yourself, you get back ten-fold”.)


Who is this program NOT for?

This program won’t be a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a ‘silver bullet’ to magically change your life, without doing any work
  • You’re unhappy with your situation, but not willing to try something different to get a different result
  • You're not ready to commit your time, energy and resources to help you reach your professional and personal potential


A year from today, you’ll be a year older. 

What will have changed?

Where do you want to be then? Who do you want to be?

The only thing standing between you and a career you’re thriving in is making a decision to take action.

If you're waiting for a sign...I can't guarantee a sign will show up in flashing neon lights or a shower of sparkly gold confetti. It most likely won't. If you're bored or approaching burn out, is that enough of a sign it's time for a change?

If you're waiting for permission from someone else (who?) might be waiting a while.

The decision is yours to make. 

You are free to choose.

You could be on the brink of a breakthrough.

Today you can make a decision that will change the way you show up in your career and your life.



Are you looking for an excuse, or a way through?

If you’re ready to do something about your dissatisfaction, the first step is to contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session to see if we’d be a great fit. I’m happy to answer any questions on your mind. 

90 days from now, I’d love to see you well on your way to a meaningful, rewarding career.

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