How to integrate your word of the year into your life

After you’ve chosen your word of the year (if you haven't done that yet, see last week's post for guidance), you may be wondering, 'Now what do I actually do with my word?'

Here are three suggestions to help you put your word into practice and weave it into the fabric of your life, so you get the most power and inspiration from it this year.



1. Be intentional

Taking time to imagine, visualise or plan how you'll use your word will increase the likelihood you'll remember to use your word over the next 12 months. 

Questions to consider include:

  • If you lived your life in full alignment with your word, what would you do differently? 
  • What does this word encourage you to invite in to your life? What do you want to let go of?
  • What are the specific actions you want to take?
  • What situations or triggers might prompt you to use your word?
  • Who can you enlist to support you?


Source:    Ali Edwards   , reproduced with permission

Source: Ali Edwards, reproduced with permission


2. Make it visible

There are many different ways you can make your word visible for yourself - or declare it to the world if you want! 

Here are 10 examples:

1. Write it on a Post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your desk, your computer…or anywhere (everywhere!) else you'll see it frequently

2. Make a phone screensaver or desktop wallpaper for your computer, with your word overlaid on a favourite photo or inspiring image. (You can use online design software Canva to do this easily – it’s free and designed to be simple and fun to use)

3. Create a vision board with images that represent what your word means to you. (This could be a collage of magazine pictures stuck on cardboard or an online vision board using, say, Pinterest)

4. Schedule an alert or reminder on your phone every morning with your word

5. Write it on each page of your planner/diary or set it as a recurring reminder in your digital calendar/schedule so you see it daily

6. Buy a piece of jewellery that reminds you of or symbolises your word. A couple of ideas:

Source:  Emily McDowell  on Instagram, reproduced with permission

Source: Emily McDowell on Instagram, reproduced with permission

  • For something simple and fun, I love these 'Everyday Bravery' enamel pins by Emily McDowell
  • If you're after something literal, you can have a key stamped with your word and turned into jewellery by The Giving Keys, a social enterprise in LA that employs people transitioning out of homelessness. (They encourage paying-it-forward by passing the key on to someone you feel needs the message more than you. You can read stories of people who gave away their keys here)

7. Get your word spelled out in letters to place in your office or hang on your wall. (I love these handwritten custom acrylic words. Laser-cut wood can also be beautiful) 

8. Buy or make a print or other piece of art representing your word (it could even be a quotation related to your word), and display it somewhere you’ll see often

9. Personalise a mug, phone cover, keyring, tote bag, journal cover, pillowcases, etc…(Etsy is one place you could look for handmade goods)

10. Find a talisman or small object like a crystal or stone (or even a small toy or figurine) that you associate with your word and place it in your home, keep it near on your desk at work, or carry it around in your handbag or pocket

Source:    Ali Edwards   , reproduced with permission

Source: Ali Edwards, reproduced with permission


3. Check in regularly

As the year progresses, it's illuminating to regularly reflect on how your chosen word has impacted your life, celebrate your progress and refine or reset your intention for the next timeframe. Many people find it valuable to set aside to check in and reflect every month or quarter. Others check in with themselves daily.

You may prefer to do this as a solo exercise, or enjoy sharing your experience with a friend or community. (For example, Ali Edwards offers a monthly creative prompt and an online community if you're interested in sharing and support.) Whatever works for you.


How do you intend to engage with your word of the year? Leave a comment to let me know.